Randox at Medica TradeFair 2018 - Stand No. 3A08

Location : Düsseldorf
  Date : 12th - 15th November 2018

Product Groups

Randox provide a wide range of diagnostic solutions, all designed to bring greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness and quality to your laboratory.
At Medica 2016 we will be exhibiting a range of products including analysers, quality control material, reagents and biochip array technology.
Please see below for a selection of what we offer.
  • RX series
  • Reagents
  • Quality Control
  • Biochip
  • Molecular
  • Life Sciences
  • Cardiology


The RX series of clinical chemistry analysers has been developed by Randox laboratories to meet & exceed the growing needs of clinical laboratory testing.
Robust hardware combined with intuitive software guarantees proven minimal downtime between failures, optimised workflow & the ultimate in precision,
reliability and accuracy for results you can trust. The RX series guarantees flexibility, cost savings and consolidation in various laboratory settings including:

Clinical chemistry Veterinary laboratories Research organisations
Forensic toxicology Educational establishments Food and wine industry


Small footprint
Big functionality

The RX altona has been developed with the user in mind by incorporating a responsive touch-screen display. The sleek ergonomic design boasts intuitive user-friendly software allowing for test menu personalisation for ease of use.

Personal customisation combined with the world leading RX series test menu guarantees complete patient profiling and astonishing functionality. Increased automatic features guarantee precision, reliability and accuracy for results you can trust.

The RX altona provides exciting opportunities for consolidation of routine & specialised testing and is perfectly suited to a variety of laboratory types as a primary or a backup analyser.

A fully automated
solution for high quality
clinical chemistry testing

The RX monaco is a fully automated, cost effective solution for low to mid-volume clinical chemistry testing offering the ultimate in convenience, performance and confidence.

At optimal configuration, the RX monaco performs 170 tests per hour providing cost effective, high quality testing for small to medium sized laboratories. The RX series test menu allows for complete consolidation of routine and specialised testing onto one efficient, easy-to-use platform.


Superior performance
for results you can trust

Capable of running 270 photometric tests per hour and 450 tests per hour including ISEs, the RX daytona+ provides high quality testing on a compact, easy-to-use clinical chemistry analyser for accurate results you can trust.

The RX daytona+ is a bench-top, fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyser capable of performing routine & specialised testing and emergency STAT sampling. With the world leading RX series test menu, the RX daytona+ provides excellent opportunity for consolidation and is perfect for use as a back-up analyser in the larger laboratory.

Rapid, comprehensive testing
on a small footprint analyser

Capable of running 400 photometric tests per hour and 560 tests per hour including ISEs the RX imola is a cost effective system that delivers consistent high quality results.

Capable of handling the workload of a medium to high-throughput laboratory, the RX imola provides rapid, comprehensive testing on a small footprint analyser.

The RX imola is a fully automated system with random access and STAT sampling functionality, boosting productivity and saving time when it matters most.
With extremely low maintenance and minimal reagent usage, the RX imola has no hidden costs.



Randox reagents are internationally recognised as being of the highest quality, offering reliable and rapid diagnosis. Our product portfolio offers more than 100 clinical assays, covering testing panels such as routine chemistry, lipids and cardiology, diabetes, therapeutic drugs monitoring, drugs of abuse testing, antioxidants and veterinary. Randox strive to continuously improve diagnostic solutions- this has led to the development of a range of high performance, speciality reagents.
Some examples of these assays include:


Bilirubin-Vanadate Oxidation

Elevated bilirubin concentrations can lead to the development of jaundice, a side effect of toxic or infectious liver diseases such as hepatitis B or obstruction of the bile duct. Bilirubin levels are also important during the process of diagnosing and monitoring liver diseases including hepatitis, cirrhosis and gallstones.

  • Superior Vanadate Oxidation methodology – Unlike diazo-based methods, the vanadate oxidation method does not suffer from interference from non-conjugated bilirubin
  • Limited interference – from haemoglobin and lipids
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • No pre-step required– other commercially available assays may involve a pre-step, however with the Randox Vanadate Oxidation method this step is eliminated, helping enhance testing efficiency
  • Applications available – with instrument-specific setting for a wide range of biochemistry analysers



Testing for D-3-Hydroxybutyrate (Ranbut) can aid in the diagnosis of ketosis which is particularly important in diabetic ketoacidosis. D-3-Hydroxybutyrate is the major ketone body in the blood- during ketosis D-3-Hydroxybutyrate levels increase more than levels of acetone and acetoacetate making this the more sensitive marker of ketosis.

  • Suitable for use in serum – reducing the risk of false negatives being reported
  • Excellent sensitivity – 0.07mmol/l enabling even small changes in D-3-Hydroxybutyrate concentrations to be detected
  • Standard supplied with kit – simplifying the ordering process
  • Applications available – with instrument-specific setting for a wide range of biochemistry analysers


Cystatin C

Randox Cystatin C offers an alternative to traditional creatinine testing. Randox Cystatin C is extremely sensitive to small changes in Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) and is therefore able to detect early reductions in this rate. Furthermore, it is unaffected by non-renal factors such as gender, age and weight. Creatinine testing cannot offer these advantages.

  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Extensive measuring range– 0.4-10mg/l, allowing normal and abnormal samples to be accurately measured without additional dilutions
  • 7 day calibration frequency- advantageous when running Cystatin C as part of routine testing
  • Applications available – with instrument-specific setting for a wide range of biochemistry analysers



G-6-PDH deficiency affects approximately 400 million people worldwide making it the most frequently diagnosed enzyme deficiency disorder. G-6-PDH deficiency can induce haemolytic anaemia. Other symptoms associated with G-6-PDH deficiency include jaundice, abdominal and back pain, gall stones, increased heart rate and fatigue. G-6-PDH deficiency can be successfully managed however, making early and accurate diagnosis essential.

  • Superior 28 day reconstituted stability -minimising reagent waste
  • Minimal interference – as a result of the sample pre-wash step. This serves to purify the sample ensuring results are free of interferences and accuracy is optimises
  • Applications available – with instrument-specific setting for a wide range of biochemistry analysers

Randox Quality Control

Complete QC solutions for results you can trust

Ensure accurate diagnosis with Randox complete QC solutions.

Combining true third party controls designed to deliver unrivalled test menu consolidation, calibration verification material, interlaboratory data management software uniquely offering real-time peer group statistics and the world’s largest international EQA scheme – RIQAS. The Randox range of QC solutions is designed to streamline QC in even the most demanding laboratories.


Leading provider of true third
party controls

With over 390 parameters available in our Acusera range, choice and flexibility is guaranteed. Moreover the availability of truly independent third party controls coupled with the added advantages of highly accurate target values, excellent stability and unparalleled quality will enhance performance, save valuable time and minimise waste in any laboratory. Our comprehensive range of multi-analyte controls have been uniquely developed with user convenience in mind. By combining more than 100 parameters in a single vial laboratories can significantly reduce the need for multiple, costly single analyte controls.


The future of interlaboratory data management

With Acusera 24.7 Live Online, interlaboratory data management has never been easier. Designed to complement the Acusera control range, it will improve error detection and reduce false rejections whilst providing online access to a wide range of features including interactive charts & reports and peer group data generated from our extensive database of laboratory participants.

With the launch of new features such as Measurement Uncertainty, Total Error and Sigma Metrics – Acusera 24.7 Live Online is now better than ever!

  • Online access anytime, anywhere
  • Peer group statistics uniquely updated every 24 hours
  • Unique dashboard interface highlighting poor performance at-a-glance
  • Interactive charts capable of combining multiple analytes, lots and instruments
  • Automated data entry via Acusera 24.7 Connect
  • New Acusera advisor tool designed to recommend QC multi-rules and minimum QC frequency
  • Brand new features including Uncertainty of Measurement, Total Error and Sigma Metrics


The world’s
largest global
EQA scheme

With over 40,000 laboratory participants in more than 124 countries, RIQAS is truly the largest international EQA provider in the world. Our comprehensive product offering currently covers over 360 parameters across 32 flexible programmes. Each RIQAS programme contains a unique combination of parameters meaning laboratories can significantly reduce the number of individual programmes required while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Further benefits to a laboratory include accreditation to ISO 17043:2010, frequent reporting, reduced parameter options and access to comprehensive yet user-friendly reports.



Meet CLIA requirements with accuracy and ease

Acusera Linearity Sets are designed to challenge a larger section of an instruments reportable range and test if a system’s calibration is still valid. Our linearity materials cover a wide range of testing including, Cardiac Markers, Therapeutic Drugs and Specific Proteins. Designed with user convenience in mind, all our linearity sets are supplied liquid ready-to-use, in varying levels. Our unique combination of analytes enables laboratories to reduce the number of individual products required while ultimately reducing costs and time

Supplied free of charge with all linearity sets is our complementary data reduction software – Acusera Verify. When used in conjunction with our sets a laboratory can effectively challenge their instrument across the complete reportable range whilst ultimately ensuring accurate and reliable patient testing.


Biochip Array Technology – Revolutionary Multi-Analyte Testing

Biochip Array Technology is an innovative multiplex testing platform which facilities the simultaneous quantitative detection of a wide range of analytes from a single sample. Through its wide and varied test menu, the Randox Biochip is a highly accurate test using a small sample volume, providing enhanced patient diagnosis, optimum efficiency and consolidation of cost.

Biochip Array Technology examines via the award winning Evidence series of analysers. The arrays are suitable for use in a wide range of settings including: clinical and research laboratories, biopharmaceutical organisations, forensic and clinical toxicology, hospital laboratories, food testing and veterinary laboratories.

Custom Biochip Development

In addition to the off-the-shelf offering Randox provides a custom novel singleplex or multiplex biochip assay design, development and manufacturing service.
Randox’s expertise, highly specialised scientists and world-class ISO accredited manufacturing facilities enables us to provide a tailored solution to a specific R&D or clinical requirement.

To date Biochip Array Technology has transformed screening worldwide, saving lives, time and money and allowing for highly accurate and informed clinical decisions.




The Evidence analyser is the world’s first protein Biochip Array Technology system and has truly revolutionised laboratory diagnostics worldwide.

The Evidence analyser is the world’s first protein Biochip Array Technology system and has transformed laboratory screening worldwide. This fully automated platform, which is CE marked and FDA 510K cleared, is suited to the larger laboratory. The Evidence offers a throughput of >1500 tests per hour.

 Evidence Investigator

Evidence Investigator

The bench-top semi-automated Evidence Investigator is the world’s first platform with the unique ability to consolidate immunoassay and nucleic acid testing. In addition, the Investigator boasts the most comprehensive test menu on the market with a full custom panel service available.

The Evidence Investigator offers multiplex technology and a comprehensive test menu with over 220 new tests in development.




The Evidence Evolution is the world’s first fully automated random access biochip testing platform with the ability to process up to 2,640 tests per hour and comes equipped with intuitive software, highly innovative robotics and sample processing technology.

RX Molecular

Randox Molecular offers diagnostic, prognostic and predictive solutions across a variety of disease areas including sexually transmitted infection, cardiovascular disease (CVD), familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), colorectal cancer and respiratory infection.

We offer a wide range of assay formats including SNP genotyping, pathogen detection and mutation detection, optimised for use with the Randox Evidence Investigator semi-automated bench top biochip analyser, for improved laboratory efficiency



Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) Arrays I & II

Developed with leading experts to test for 40 specific FH-causing mutations including LDLR, ApoB and PCSK9 with ~78% coverage, providing a targeted, cost-effective assay for FH testing. Rapid turnaround time allows same day reporting, compared to lengthy NGS screening which can take weeks or months to report results. The test consists of two mutation arrays, allowing for single biochip testing in cases of cascade screening of known mutations for further laboratory cost savings



Risk Array

The Cardiac Risk Prediction Array from Randox Biosciences allows 20 SNPs to be genotyped simultaneously. The genotype information is then processed within an algorithm which weights each SNP and calculates CHD genetic risk. This information is combined with common risk factors and an overall CHD risk score is generated.


Respiratory Multiplex Array

The test simultaneously identifies 22 of the most prevalent respiratory viral and bacterial infections.  The array provides a rapid and more cost- effective diagnostic approach than current tests that detect single pathogens only.



STI Multiplex

The test simultaneously detects 10 of the most common sexually transmitted infections to provide a complete infection profile. The array detects primary, secondary and asymptomatic co-infections in a single test for a comprehensive and cost-effective screen.



The test simultaneously detects 20 mutations within the most common genes implicated in colorectal cancer, offering an efficient and cost-effective approach for determining mutational status and patient response to therapy.


Randox Life Sciences have been developing and manufacturing antibodies, proteins and conjugates for over 30 years for use in Randox diagnostic kits including our patented Biochip Array Technology and ELISA testing kits. A custom development service is also available for all raw materials for biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. Our custom development services include polyclonal and monoclonal development, as well as our recombinant antibody fragments (sdAb, scFv, Fab).



Monoclonal Antibodies

Randox Life Sciences offer over 60 monoclonal antibodies produced in sheep for use in research and commercial development. Sheep monoclonal antibodies have been shown to have higher affinities than standard mouse monoclonal antibodies and also have a much broader range of epitope recognition.



Polyclonal Antibodies

Randox Life Sciences offer over 800 primary antibody products against biochemical markers, drugs of abuse and drug residues for use in both research and diagnostic development. All of our polyclonal antibodies are produced in sheep towards human and drug specific targets resulting in highly specific and sensitive antibodies suitable for a wide range of applications.



Recombinant Fragments

Randox Life Sciences off the shelf offering includes a range of recombinant fragments including Single Chain Variable Fragments (scFv) and Single Domain Antibodies (sdAb). As part of our offering, we also provide a custom antibody development service.


Recombinant Proteins

Randox Life Sciences provide an extensive range of human recombinant proteins specific to a wide range of biochemical markers including classic and novel proteins for use in ELISA kits, control and calibrator manufacture, antibody recognition assays.. We can also supply the entire corresponding polyclonal antibody (protein pair) or conjugate for individual assay development.


Randox are at the forefront of developing high quality diagnostic solutions for the cardiology field. We are revolutionising the early detection of cardiovascular disease through our innovations that make a real difference to both the clinician and the patient.




Adiponectin is a protein hormone produced and secreted exclusively by adipocytes (fat cells) which normally circulates in relatively high concentrations in the blood.

Adiponectin regulates the metabolism of lipids and glucose and is a key regulator of insulin sensitivity and tissue inflammation. Reduced levels of adiponectin have been associated with a range of commonly seen disease states including diabetes, cardiovascular related diseases, breast cancer and hypertension.

As a biochemistry assay, Randox Adiponectin enables laboratories to run this important assay as part of the routine testing panel.

  • Automated immunoturbidimetric assay – the Randox Adiponectin assay offers the laboratory a biochemistry test for the measurement of adiponectin, removing the inconvenience and time consumption associated with traditional ELISA based testing options
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents – offering optimum convenience and ease of use
  • Extensive measuring range – facilitating the accurate detection of reduced adiponectin levels
  • Applications available for an extensive range of clinical chemistry analysers – detailing instrument specific settings for the convenient use of Randox Adiponectin on a variety of systems
  • Complementary controls and calibrator available – offering a complete testing package



sLDL Cholesterol

Research has indicated that individuals with a predominance of sLDL have a three-fold increased risk of suffering from a heart attack, making sLDL measurement extremely valuable. To date, ultracentrifugation and electrophoresis-based methods have been used for the measurement of sLDL but these methods are both laborious and time-consuming. Randox offers a superior alternative for sLDL testing- a direct, more efficient method which is designed for use on automated chemistry analysers.

  • Direct, automated methodology – the Randox sLDL assay is designed for use on automated analysers making the test more convenient and efficient. Traditional ultracentrifugation and electrophoresis-based methods can take up to eight hours to complete just ten tests, monopolising laboratory time
  • Rapid analysis – results can be produced in as little as ten minutes, facilitating faster patient diagnosis and the implementation of treatment
  • Applications available – with instrument specific settings for a wide range of analysers




Raised levels of homocysteine can be associated with various disease states including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis and complications during pregnancy, making homocysteine an essential addition to a laboratory’s testing panel.

  • 2-part liquid ready-to-use kit with calibrators included
  • Minimal interference – ensuring accurate and precise results are produced every time
  • Excellent measuring range – 1.74-47.9µmol/l, enabling the Randox assay to detect abnormal levels related to all homocysteine associated disease states




Elevated levels of Lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)) are considered to be both a causal risk factor and independent genetic marker of atherosclerotic disorders. The major challenge with this test is the size variation of apo(a) within Lp(a). Dependent upon the size of apo(a) in the assay calibrator, many assays under or overestimate apo(a) size in the patient sample. The antibody used in the Randox method detects the complete Lp(a) molecule providing the most accurate and consistent results.

  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Superior methodology – displaying minimal Apo(a) size related bias
  • Five point calibrator available – giving a true reflection of the isoforms present in the population