Randox at Medica TradeFair 2018 - Stand No. 3A08

Location : Düsseldorf
  Date : 12th - 15th November 2018

Personalised medicine is the result of our increased understanding of disease complexity and variability. It is now accepted that the future of the Pharmaceutical Industry is dependent on the development of therapeutic agents that are more closely tailored to targeted patient groups or sub-groups resulting in safer drugs with enhanced therapeutic efficacy with related healthcare savings.

A key element to realising the potential for personalised medicine is in companion diagnostic (CDx) development. Randox Biosciences are committed to revolutionising healthcare by providing class-leading diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive assays.

Building on these unrivalled capabilities, Randox is engaged in companion diagnostic programs with a number of global Biopharma companies.

Custom Assay Development

For over 35 years, Randox Biosciences has been providing custom assay design, development and manufacturing services to the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, contract research and biotech industries. This also includes fully customised human and animal quality control sera and calibrators.

Clients can select either individual or multiple analytes from our current A-Z Menu, containing an impressive 380 clinical and research biomarkers.

Randox Biosciences assay development specialists will endeavour to work with you to ensure your needs are constantly met providing a smooth process from initial enquiry through to final delivery, following the steps outlined.



Acute Kidney

    • AKI 5-plex biomarker array; NGAL, Cystatin C, Clusterin, KIM-1 and Osteopontin
    • Simultaneous and quantitative detection of kidney injury from one sample
    • Novel biomarker indicators for early acute kidney injury
    • Utilised on the revolutionary multiplex Evidence Investigator


Chronic Kidney Disease

  • Chronic Kidney Disease 4-plex biomarker array; CRP, C3a des Arg, NGAL and Cystatin C
  • Chronic Kidney Disease 7-plex biomarker array; MIP1alpha, IL-8, sTNFR1, sTNFR2, EGF, D-dimer and FABP1
  • Determines chronic kidney disease stages leading to more effective treatment
  • Utilised on our patented revolutionary Evidence platforms