Randox at Medica TradeFair 2018 - Stand No. 3A08

Location : Düsseldorf
  Date : 12th - 15th November 2018

New Products

At Randox, we re-invest heavily into research and development in order to create innovative diagnostic solutions. As a result our portfolio is continually expanding with new and improved products. Here you can preview and learn more about our latest developments.

  • RX series
  • Reagents
  • Quality Control


The RX modena presents a new class of efficiency without compromising on the reliability, accuracy and precision that the RX series is famed for. With the capacity to run up to 1,200 tests per hour including ISE, combined with the unrivalled RX series test menu, the RX modena helps consolidate all of your assay requirements onto one intuitive platform, offering a winning combination for large, multi-disciplinary laboratories.

Sample Carousel

The RX modena sample carousel provides 94 sample positions and 10 cooled positions for controls and calibrators. A dedicated sample micropipette with liquid level sensor can recognise clot and crash detection, and is also rinsed inside and outside to minimise carry over. An on-board barcode scanner will identify the sample you want to test, rather than having to pre-load the sample details onto the analyser. Likewise, the RX modena reagent carousel has an on-board barcode scanner for automatic reagent identification that will load straight onto the analyser’s software.

Wash Station

The cuvettes on the RX modena go through a 7 stage washing process including acid, alkali and pure water steps. Stations 1-5 have liquid level sensors to prevent cuvette overflows, and with a significantly low water consumption of just 15 litres per hour at peak usage, which is significantly lower than competitor analysers, cost saving is a key factor on why the RX modena is ideal for you laboratory.

Reagent Carousel

The reagent carousel provides 100 positions for 70ml & 20ml bottles which can be cooled between 8-15O. The software on-board RX modena will calculate the remaining reagent volume and tests available, alert the user of any shortages and also identify any expired reagents and calibrations.


The RX modena has 153 semi permanent reaction cuvettes with cuvette check function, ensuring only clean and viable reaction vessels are reused for testing.
The cuvettes require a reaction volume from as low as 50µl and a maximum of 250µl. This allows the users to test patient samples even if they only have a small sample volume available to them.


NEW automated HDL3-Cholesterol assay

HDL3 is a subfraction of the HDL particle. Elevated levels of HDL3 reflect increased triglyceride content of the HDL particle.
Randox are proud to present a new automated biochemistry assay for the measurement of HDL3!

Features of Randox HDL3

  • Liquid ready-to-use
  • Available on most automated biochemistry analysers
  • A 2 step procedure based on patented technology from Denka Seiken
  • Open vial stability of 28 days when stored at +2 to +8°C
  • Dedicated calibrator available
  • Measuring range of 4 – 60mg/dl
  • Demonstrates a strong correlation with the conventional Ultracentrifugation method
  • Allows for quantification of HDL2-C by the subtraction of HDL3-C from total HDL-C
  • Measures total HDL3

This assay is available now!  Visit our stand or make an appointment to find out more.


Acusera 24.7 Live Online New Features & Benefits

Randox QC are delighted to announce the launch of Acusera 24.7 Live Online Version 1.6, now featuring automatic calculation of Measurement of Uncertainty, Total Error and Sigma Metrics.
Our new Uncertainty of Measurement report automatically generates and displays the Measurement Uncertainty (UM) of all QC tests currently in use helping you to easily meet ISO 15189:2012 requirements. Also, the Statistical Metrics Reports facilitates enhanced performance assessment by incorporating several new metrics including; Measurement Uncertainty (UM), Total Error (TE) and a Sigma score, allowing you to improve your QC strategy design.

Linearity Sets & Verify

Launched in 2016 our new range of calibration verification materials cover a wide range of clinical testing including; cardiac markers, therapeutic drugs and specific proteins. Designed to reliably meet CLIA requirements for linearity assessment and calibration verification our Linearity sets are supplied liquid ready-to-use, in varying levels for user convenience. The added advantage of instrument dedicated materials for Beckman and Roche Cobas systems ensures specific instrument requirements are met at the complete reportable range is challenged. All linearity sets are supplied with complimentary data reduction software delivering instant access to reports and real time peer group data.

Acusera PTH Control

Providing a true third party solution for the measurement of Intact PTH, our new Acusera PTH Control will deliver an unbiased assessment of analytical performance. This assay is present in a number of Immunoassay controls but is now available as a stand-alone control, with a 30 day open vial stability, reducing waste and ensuring consistency.

  • Liquid for ease of use
  • Human based serum
  • Assayed target values
  • Stable to expiry at -20ºC to -70ºC

Acusera Liquid CSF Control

Designed to deliver an unbiased, independent assessment, our new Acusera Liquid CSF control provides a true third party control for the measurement of Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF). This new control will help reduce waste, ensure accurate and reliable patient results while remaining easy and convenient to use. There are two distinct levels available that cover clinically significant ranges.

  • Liquid ready-to-use
  • Human based material
  • Assayed target values
  • Third party control providing unbiased performance assessment
  • Shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture


Acusera Liquid HbA1c Control

Supplied in a convenient, liquid ready-to-use format, the Acusera Liquid HbA1c control is designed to significantly reduce preparation time with no need to thaw or reconstitute before use. An unparalleled open vial stability of 30 days at 2ºC to 8ºC will allow laboratories to benefit from reductions in waste and costs.

  • Liquid ready-to-use
  • Human whole blood provides a matrix similar to the patient sample
  • Convenient bi-level pack
  • Open vial stability of 30 days
  • Assayed, instrument specific target values and ranges provided

8 New RIQAS Programmes

As part of our ongoing growth and development, RIQAS launched 8 new programmes in 2016. As the largest international EQA/PT scheme used by more than 40,000 laboratory participants in over 123 countries, RIQAS increased their programmes from 24 programmes to 32 programmes. This large expansion highlights the demand and quality of RIQAS schemes.
The 8 new RIQAS programmes include; CSF, Sweat Testing, Immunosuppressants, Trace Elements in Blood, Trace Elements in Urine, Trace Elements in Serum, Anti-TSH Receptor and CYFRA 21-1. These new programmes are available in liquid and lyophilised formats and cover the full clinical range, further reassuring clinicians and patients alike that the results they release are accurate and reliable.

  • Monthly reporting supports rapid identification of errors and allows corrective actions to be taken.
  • Rapid turnaround of reports. Receive your results within 24-72 hours.
  • Save time and money by eliminating expensive repeat tests.